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Travel writer turned photographer

As some of my readers may know, I have ventured into the world of photography. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before – I’ve always resented being chained to a desk, and while I love working in journalism and being a magazine sub editor, I’m just not getting the creative output I need, except for via this blog of course, and the two books I’m working on…

It was on the trip to Canada that I made the decision to make a career transition. In fact, it was Thomas who suggested it. “You take great photos and you’re really good with people,” he said, as we walked up a mountain behind Lake Louise in Banff. “Why don’t you become a wedding photographer?”

Ruth and Emillie Wedding Greenwich Yacht Club-86

And so here I am, a wedding photographer!

So if you’ve found my travel blog looking for somewhere off the beaten path for your honeymoon, and you haven’t yet booked your photographer, get in touch!

In case you were wondering, my photography business is Anna Pumer Photography. My name’s not Pumer, but my mum’s maiden name is, and it’s pretty damned original (my Lithuanian granddad invented it when he moved to England). So I chose to use it!

And here I am, check me out! www.annapumerphotography.com