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Scotland – Skye, Moray and Edinburgh

A couple of weeks ago I went on a little holiday to Scotland with Thomas – we went walking in Skye (and I was left gripping on to the side of a mountain in fear for a good 10 minutes…), spent Halloween in Edinburgh and discovered a spiritual community in Moray called Findhorn.

The community is in a pine forest and has the most beautiful beach, and to live there you have to spend a week there doing community work, meditating and proving you can fit into their way of living. Everything is eco friendly and even the sewer system flows into a giant geenhouse which they use to grow plants (cue poo jokes). Basically, I love Scotland. I think our next house might be a log cabin in the forest!

Secret squats, daytime raves and crazy locals – discover the hidden Berlin

Fancy partying in a bombed-out train depot? Or getting messy with the street artists? How about getting to know the local crazies a bit better? Then pop along to one of these free city tours, run by local lovers of Berlin, who will give you a unique and personal tour of the wonderful German city – but not the usual tourists sights – there are no big walls, shiny gates or boring museums here. The tours focus on the music, art, shops, skate parks, abandoned neighbourhoods and party spots that only the locals know about. Continue reading

Hiking in Amalfi, Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is an idyllic area and popular with the rich and famous. As such, even a short trip there requires a remortgage on your house – but you don’t need to be Tom Cruise or Oprah to be able to enjoy the region.

If you venture further afield (which most people don’t – walking isn’t good for the Jimmy Choos) you’ll come across tiny villages hewn out of craggy cliffs that drop into the clear, turquoise sea, with views that cannot be rivalled and locals who don’t speak English. Bliss. Continue reading