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Hiking in Amalfi, Italy

The Amalfi Coast in Italy is an idyllic area and popular with the rich and famous. As such, even a short trip there requires a remortgage on your house – but you don’t need to be Tom Cruise or Oprah to be able to enjoy the region.

If you venture further afield (which most people don’t – walking isn’t good for the Jimmy Choos) you’ll come across tiny villages hewn out of craggy cliffs that drop into the clear, turquoise sea, with views that cannot be rivalled and locals who don’t speak English. Bliss. Continue reading

Kai Iwi Lakes, New Zealand

While tourist favourite Lake Taupo is beautiful, these three crystal-clear lakes, surrounded by perfectly white sand and fringed with fragrant pine forests, are just as easy on the eyes and not half as covered in travellers’ footprints. Formed by rainwater in large basins of sand 1.8 million years ago, think of them as really big, really old puddles. Continue reading