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Alternative Friday Night: The Porchester Spa, London

I hate going out on Friday nights. The pubs are always packed with drunken idiots who think it’s hilarious to act like a student who just got their loan through, you somehow manage to spend what it would cost to go on a short holiday and you have to sit on a train home with stupid drunks lying in the gangways, wondering which one is going to puke and whether you’re in the line of fire.

That’s why I decided to do something different last night. I spent the evening in the company of naked women lathering up and chilling out. Continue reading

Alternative Friday Night: Eastside Inn, Farringdon

Having worked in Soho for several years, I’ve got the impression that the only option for a Friday night in London was to spend the evening with your face pressed into a stranger’s armpit. Having discovered last weekend a quiet, friendly spa in which to while away the hours after a hard week at work, I’m on a mission to cover all the social bases for an off-the-beaten-path Friday night in London. Continue reading