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My Amy Winehouse interview: found!

I admit, the only thing this post has to do with travel is the fact that I travelled from Surbiton to Camden to do the interview, and that we’re now travelling back in time by nine years to a lost-now-found interview I did with Amy Winehouse. But I’m so excited, I had to share it with you. The website I wrote this article for went down years ago, and my clever, investigative boyfriend just found it for me. I haven’t read it since it was published in 2004. I thought I’d lost it forever! I probably would have transcribed it and saved it carefully if I’d known she’d get famous and die dramatically, of course. But at the time she was just another 20-year-old newbie trying to make it in the music business, among the dozens of other 20-something wannabes I’d interviewed, so I didn’t think it mattered… Plus, she sucked.

Anyway, here it is, my short but sweet interview with Amy Winehouse…

Great place, great atmosphere, not such great company.

Amy Winehouse has a fantastic voice, there’s no denying it; she puts on a sexy accent, her songs are exciting and she sings with soul. But it’s deceiving; for such a tiny person, she doesn’t half have a gob on her – she’s brash, rude and very easily distracted, as I found out last night.

While interviewing her, Amy looked over the side of the balcony and said, “I hope one of the guys walk past so I can gob on them.” Nice girl. And that’s the most interesting quote I got from the whole interview, and probably the only full sentence she offered me.

When chatting to her I thought ‘Okay, I’ll just do a review of her gig I’m attending in a couple of hours’ time. That’s bound to be amazing’.

With such high hopes, I was bitterly disappointed. Yeah so her voice was amazing, without even a slight hitch – but the lack of problems with her voice was more than made up for in her organisation. Slowly losing the audience, she made sure we knew it was her and us – secret chats with her pianist, winks between the boys in the band, and shouts to her brother and her ‘girls’ made the audience look very much like inferior outsiders to the Great World of Amy.

Looking like she had no clue as to what she was singing next, and actually having no clue as to how to actually entertain an audience, the only thing she really said to us was “I’m in the Jazz Café!” Yes, you are, well done.

She’s 20 years old, well done Amy you’ve made it, but do you really have to put down everyone who’s doing a degree to get themselves somewhere in life (yes, that was another dazzling quote)? We’re not all blessed with voices like angels y’know.

*Note from 2013: Even though I didn’t keep my transcription of the interview, there is one cringey thing I remember very well from it: I told her I liked her lip piercing, and when she made a weird “er, yeah, ok” response I spent the rest of the interview so embarrassed, convinced I’d just complimented her on a zit…