Alternative Friday Night: Transport back to the 1940s

The worst thing about a fancy dress party is the lack of effort most people make. A Halloween party you say? Why I’ll just wear a pair of devil horns. A Michael Jackson night? A single white glove should do it. These people are buzzkills of the highest order.

But this event was slightly different. Less a fancy dress party and more a ‘dress for the occasion’ party, this was a full-on transportation to another era. From sandbags and sandwiches to ration tickets and a swing band, the venue for The Blitz Party was fully decked out in 1940s style.

And the people? There wasn’t a devil horn or single white glove in the house. Big curls, red lips, tea dresses and permanent marker stocking seams for the ladies; jaunty hats, braces and mustaches for the men – the 1940s was such a damned good-looking era.

The Blitz Party runs every month, but there are also other events put on by the same people. For an illicit night of 1920’s glitz and glamour, check out the New Year’s Eve Prohibition Speakeasy at London’s BelowZero, where you can celebrate the roaring 20s and rub shoulders with fellow gangsters and molls, politicians and hitmen, jazz singers and Hollywood starlets. Tickets start from £38 and include live entertainment, evening canapés, breakfast and a bourbon cocktail.

Tickets sell out months in advance so keep checking the Blitz Party website for future events. The November event took places at The Arches, 54 HolywelL Lane, Shoreditch