17 reasons why coming home is great

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At some point, for most people anyway, you eventually have to stop travelling and head home, and it can feel like a real come-down. Back to grey skies, 9-5 work, you know what it’s like. But coming home has its upsides too, and sometimes you just need to be reminded of them…

1. Proper cups of tea
2. You get to sleep in your own bed – with a proper quilt
3. Mum’s roast dinner
4. Having a conversation without needing to use a phrase book
5. Walking through town and recognising people
6. Travelling is always better in hindsight – you forget about the lumpy beds, the snoring roommate and the lonely days
7. No more carrying all your possessions everywhere you go
8. Boring your family and friends with your 5,381 photos is almost more fun than taking them
9. Milk and bread are always weird abroad – breakfast back home is a revelation
10. You can drink water straight from the tap
11. Your wardrobe is packed full of all your lovely clothes
12. Your suntan becomes 22x darker the moment you step off the plane at Gatwick
13. You can walk from the bathroom to the bedroom naked
14. You don’t have to slather yourself in mozzie spray and sun lotion every day anymore
15. Endless summers are great, but there’s nothing like pulling on a thick cosy jumper
16. You can watch TV all night without feeling guilty for not making the most of your time
17. You get to take a dump in your own toilet