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    It's so easy to stick to the tourist trail, stay in hotels the Lonely Planet recommends, eat where everyone else eats and visit all the famous sights you've seen on telly and in magazines. While these experiences can be nice, you'll have the best adventures if you wander off the trail. Who's to say that just because a sight is famous, that it's actually any good? In fact, as soon as you discover what else the world has to offer that is not in the guide book, you'll realise that most famous sights are astonishingly underwhelming - if you can get through the crowds to see them.

    I’m not talking about taking three flights, two boat rides and a lift on the back of a donkey cart just to find an empty beach, I’m interested in the gems that are simply hidden away from the regular tourist areas, be it a lesser-known Thai island, a unique area of a big city, an unusual hotel or just a sight that no one seems to have noticed.

Tamarama Beach, best beach in Sydney

Like London with a beach, it can be difficult to get a square inch of space to yourself in Sydney, but while Bondi Beach is stuffed fulls of locals and tourists, there is a beach just around the corner that no one seems to realise is there…

Tamarama Beach
I discovered this gem hidden from the tourist masses after being shown round the area by my cousin who lives in Bondi. Holiday-makers and travellers flock to Bondi Beach, which is famous for being packed and for being mugged (and for an intellectual reality TV programme), but just a few minutes’ walk along a scenic coastal path, the small but perfectly formed Tamarama Beach lacks hoards of tourists and bars and offers a fun, family atmosphere without having to fight for a space on the sand.

Who is it for?
Families, lone travellers, groups of friends – anyone.

Who is it not for?
Anyone who wants a chance of being on telly – either on Bondi Rescue or the evening news.

Sydney, Australia

How to get there
From Bondi beach, escape the crowds by heading down the coastal path until you get to Tamarama. Grab an icecream, lay down your towel and go for a swim in the shallow blue sea. Or if you’re feeling very adventurous, swim round the rocks from Bondi.

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June 18, 2010 - 3:56 pm

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